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In 2019-2020 I became fascinated with making collagraph prints, which are prints made from card plates, the image can be made in many ways and from basic re-cycled materials, glue and by cutting and peeling to give rich varied tones and textures. these prints from 2020 use various techniques and were made for various purposes including the 'Printer Solstice' challenge and the IPE and 20:20 print exchanges.



Collograph made in response to a 'Printer-solstice' prompt, spring 2020. The plate is a silver card cake base an the shapes are mostly cut with a knife with carborundum added for the dark tones.


Adventure Awaits.

Collograph made of a photograph of New-Zealand...

Varied textures used, tin foil, glue, gauze etc. Printed in blues and greens I made a varied edition to give to friends. 



I made these mini-prints when experimenting with p.v.a and piercing/ stabbing and tearing the printing plates. Made on my mini, x-cut press.



Print created at  Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds. The plate for this one is plastic laminate with added foil, leaves and parcel tape. This print is on unusually heavyly textured paper.


Girl and the moon.

This was the first time I used a life drawing to make a collagraph, during a workshop at Sunny Bank Mills.

I used wood veneer, and lots of torn papers, tissue and foil, highlights were added with nail varnish.

The tones are what I like about collagraph as a print form, I also enjoy the process of drawing with collage to make the plate.

Collagraphs often look like moonlight.


Looking back.

After experimenting I found I could do a good curly hair effect with glue and carborundum, so decided to make a portrait, It took a few proofs to get the eyes to work and was quite fiddly. My entry for IPE , International Print Exchange, Derby 2020. The exhibition was digital this year!


Rebel Pebble.

My entry for 2020 print exchange 2020! I made an edition of 25 of these, in each print I included one chine colle punk pebble with luminous pink splashes!

In the summer I like to work outdoors and dry the prints in the garden!


River bed

River Wharfe, Yorks. My first trip after lockdown was to walk along the river Wharfe, I created a lot of pebble prints in variable editions from the photosgraphs that I took.


New life

Just for a change . . .a reduction lino-cut print. This series of varied prints were based on the sprouting of new growth after the Australian bush fires in early 2020,  They are printed onto different papers, fabric and some include chine colle.

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