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A sample of my life drawing . . . After a long break I resumed life drawing have beendrawing regularly since 2016 at Westgate studios in Wakefield, and sometimes at Top draw, Barnsley.  I often prepare acrylic backgrounds to draw on with ink-tense or charcoal pencils.

Suzi chatting.

Drawing from Oct 2020, the only life drawing session I got to do before locked down again!


An old favourite drawing from Westgate Studios, All the things I like to do are here . . . .brown /mid tone paper . . .acrylic background to key into . . .drawing in a dark intend/charcoal pencil . . .add white intense highlights.


Random chalks and a yummy pink background.


Grid of sketches of Suzi

from top draw session after a long break..

Back lit.

The drawing on the left is drawn directly onto the brown paper in charcoal and white intense to get a range of tones, this is the first life drawing turned into a print . . . Lino printing at The Art House, Wakefield.

To see how I continued life drawing in lock-down,  go to... Diary Spring 2021, Jan Feb, March

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