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My creative practice is concerned with exploring links between life drawing and collagraph print making. I find that most collograph print makers create landscapes or abstract compositions, I am more interested in creating figurative work, or abstracted figures. 

Here are some of the collagraph prints I created in autumn 2020 they are are mostly based on older life drawings due to covid restrictions meaning that life drawing was ‘on hold'. I was exploring plate making techniques and different ways of developing abstraction within my work.


The face in the water looks up.

Blue/black collagraph print based on a life drawing of Suzi.


Abstract print (detail)

made by rotating' the face in the water looks up.


Reaching for the light.

Drawing with pva glue ,an experiment to create a collograph print from a life drawing of Suzi.


Valentina descendant d'un escalier!

A collage of old life drawings of Valentina Rocks, developed into a collagraph plate, printed, then rotated 180 degrees and re-printed.

A break-through print in terms of abstraction.



1.    Collaged drawings.

2.    Printing plate.

3.   'ap'  artist proof print.

4.   Rotated double print.


Adam Angst

1. .   Life drawing.

2.  Collagraph printing plate with bead

      and lace detail.

3.   Single colour print.

4.   Plate inked up with 2 colours.



Dave seated.

1.   life drawing

2. Plate made directly out of the drawing by cutting, gluing and carborundum.

3.    Blue -black print.

4.   Sepia print.

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