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Sandal Castle series


Sandal Castle

Very close to my home, just south of Wakefield this spot has a commanding view of the countryside and is the scene of a famous battle. Its a great place for a walk to blow the cobwebs away! The atmosphere changes greatly with the weather and I have aimed to express the mood of the blustery exposed location.  

You may have seen the prints on display in The Castle Cafe, or at the local Walton artisan market at The New Inn

The smaller prints are for sale via my ETSY shop :  louizelouizeprint and there is a larger print in production.


Castle on the hill.


Mini prints : Sandal Castle from the Cafe.


My coastal prints of

Dunstanbrough Castle and

Sandsend have proved popular and are the inspiration for a further series of landscapes based on familiar places.  

These were created during lockdown for a 'wish I was there' brief for Network rail. They were exhibited at mainline stations and now reside at the National railway museum. I have added Sandal castle to the series.

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